Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nursery Times

Whopper and Whopper Jr. aren't so sure about this whole nursery thing. You would think we were punishing them because we want them to stay and play with toys. Dustin ended up staying the whole time with them today. I did peek in on them once while they were singing. The chorister had little suns with a space cut out for their face. Whopper Jr. was just holding hers and looking at it but Whopper actually held his up to his face. It was so stinkin' cute!
Dustin told me that Whopper had a bit of a melt down during snack time. He was so excited to get his drink of water, that he ended up pouring it all over his face! That made him mad and so he started swinging his arms around and knocking everything over. He has been doing this temper tantrum thing for a couple days now and it is already getting old. Someone please tell me he will grow out of it! Their lesson was on honesty and when I picked them up they had on the cutest little crowns they made. I had to take some pictures :-) Enjoy!

So cute!

Trying to take her crown off

Got it!

So proud of herself after walking across the room.

Playing with the TV.


Karri Murri said...

Alana used to tantrum at nursery but finally we just left her screaming and she stopped within five minutes and she was fine after that. Good luck with that!