Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mix Family Reunion 08

As part of my trip out to Idaho this summer, we had a Mix Family reunion on the Oregon Coast. This was a first for our family (in the past we have mostly gone camping). We rented 2 houses on the beach and had an awesome time. It was beautiful scenery, great company and delicious food. This was our 2nd reunion without Mom. We thought of her often so in a way she was still with us. I have so many pictures to share and since this is my blog to do whatever I want with here they all are! Having fun at the beach.

Here is a look up the coastline:

Dillon and Lauren love water. Seeing the ocean was so fun for them! They kept calling it the "BIG water!" it was so cute.

They loved running up to the water and having the waves chase them back.

Playing in the rocks.

Lauren has a rock in each hand :-)

The kids love their Aunt Merlayne. She came down to the beach with us and played.

This old log was the perfect spot to take some pictures! Too bad none of them turned out that great.

Me and my sweetheart: 9 years of wedded bliss.