Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Long Awaited For....

Camp post with pictures!! Lots and lots and lots of pictures.

We had so much fun camping. We went to Oconee State Park in South Carolina. It was an unofficial ward activity. There were 18 families from the ward (it was spring break here). It was beautiful there and only about a 2 1/2 hour drive for us. The kids loved being outside all of the time! Whopper started singing Happy Birthday when we lit a twig on fire to light our lantern. It had us both laughing because we didn't know that he even knew Happy Birthday. Due to the proximity of two lakes, Whopper and Whopper Jr both learned how to say Water instead of Wa Wa. Sleeping in the tent went pretty well except for nap time. There was just too much going on during the day. We all got a little sunburned, ate lots of yummy food and all want to go back. Hopefully we can go again this summer.

Here is our campsite (the building is one of the bathrooms/showers):

Our view towards the lake:

Visiting the other lake and looking at ducks:

Dustin and Whopper at the lake.

Whopper Jr loved to pick up rocks and little twigs and carry them around. We found rocks everywhere!

Both kids liked to sit at the picnic table.

Whopper Jr making a face:

Who me?

Playing with the car is always fun.

So is carrying stuff around the campsite.

On the warmest day, the kids napped (I am using this term loosely) only in their diaper. They thought this was great. They love to be naked.

We had just put both of them to bed in the tent and Dustin was by the van getting his fishing stuff ready for the next day. All of sudden he hears a little voice and giggling. He turns around to find that Whopper had learned how to unzip the window. He was so proud of himself for this achievement.

At one of the playgrounds by the lake.

There is nothing like playing in the dirt and rocks.

We rented a jon boat one day and took a picnic lunch out on the lake. The kids loved it! They were so cute in their little life jackets.

Ready for a nap!!

Just up from his nap and Daddy is trying to make him smile.

Trying to eat the raisens through the box.

Just chillin'

On the last night they had a dance. Whopper Jr loves music and loves to dance. This little boy is a Sunbeam and he danced with her until someone came in with a dog. At 3 a dog is more important than dancing.

We all had a shower before we left on Friday and whenever we have baths or showers we always brush teeth. Whopper likes to take a turn after we do it for him.

This is how the back of the van looked on the way home. It felt like we had more stuff than when we came! My Mom would have been proud of that pack job.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Random Fact About Me

Whenever I get a drink that has a plastic lid - I have to push all of the little tabs in before I can drink it. I have done this since Junior High. Not sure why. Enjoy your Saturday!

P.S. I am going camping and will be gone all next week. When I come back I shall have hilarious stories about my kids and the cutest camping pictures to share. I know you will all be waiting breathlessly for my return.