Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mix Family Reunion 08

As part of my trip out to Idaho this summer, we had a Mix Family reunion on the Oregon Coast. This was a first for our family (in the past we have mostly gone camping). We rented 2 houses on the beach and had an awesome time. It was beautiful scenery, great company and delicious food. This was our 2nd reunion without Mom. We thought of her often so in a way she was still with us. I have so many pictures to share and since this is my blog to do whatever I want with here they all are! Having fun at the beach.

Here is a look up the coastline:

Dillon and Lauren love water. Seeing the ocean was so fun for them! They kept calling it the "BIG water!" it was so cute.

They loved running up to the water and having the waves chase them back.

Playing in the rocks.

Lauren has a rock in each hand :-)

The kids love their Aunt Merlayne. She came down to the beach with us and played.

This old log was the perfect spot to take some pictures! Too bad none of them turned out that great.

Me and my sweetheart: 9 years of wedded bliss.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trip to Idaho Part III

One of the things that I really wanted to do while in Idaho was visit my Mother's gavesite. Marianne, Dad and I took a trip to Twin Falls and stayed with my brother and his family. We had a great time visiting with them. We also visited with my Dad's brother and two of my Mom's sisters. It was so good to see all of them. We took one day to drive to Rupert and see the cemetary. We wanted to leave some flowers but forgot a vase so we had to be creative and make do.

All of the kids had to take a turn smelling the flowers. I don't know if Lauren really knew what she was doing or not.

Taking pictures.

The other kids looking at the other graves.

Taking a little walk before driving back to Twin Falls.

We were quite cosy in the car. Our niece came with us and so we borrowed my brother's suburban to fit us all. Three in the back, three in middle and two in front.
Maycee just barely fit between Dillon and Lauren's carseats.

Dillon was tuckered out.

This was taken later that day at my Aunts. Lauren and Maycee love to dress up. Kylie is my cousin's daughter so I guess these guys are 2nd cousins? She was helping the girls get dressed.

We had a great time visiting with all of the different family. I still miss my Mom a lot and she is in my thoughts even more as the holidays approach. So it was really good to have a quiet moment or two at the cemetary.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I have been tagged...

by my good friend Michelle, to share 6 peculiar things about myself. Here goes nothing!

# 1 I have to read whenever I am eating by myself. Even if it is the back of the cereal box. Usually I am reading something online.

# 2 I have to brush my teeth whenever I take a shower. It doesn't matter the time of day or night. It is just part of the shower routine, I guess.

# 3 I eat ice cream pretty much every day. There is joke on my Dad's side of the family that if we get cut, we bleed ice cream. I have definitely inherited that trait.

# 4 I am lazy and never wash my make up off before going to bed. Gotta love those raccoon eyes in the morning.

# 5 I can't make cookies. The last time I did (in 2003? 2004?) I made some sugar cookies that the nursery was going to decorate during a Christmas enrichment night. They tasted like Play Doh. Gag! (I can make other yummy desserts, just not cookies)

# 6 I used to be a dare devil (I am getting mellow in my old age) and I dropped in on a half pipe to impress my husband.

So I am not sure if these are really peculiar or just random facts about me but there you go. I tag Rachel, Amy and Sam.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Trip to Idaho: Part Two

My trip to Idaho started with the Wheeler Reunion. The rest of my time in Idaho the kids and I stayed at my brother's house. He and his wife generously opened up their beautiful home to us. We felt so welcomed and comfortable, we didn't want to leave ;-) One of my sister's timed her visit to Idaho so that we were both there at the same time. She and her children also stayed at my brother's house. We had so much fun. We ate yummy food, watched movies, hung out, visited with friends and family in the area and played many hours of Settlers of Cataan.

The day I arrived, two of my sisters came to show off their new babies (which I had not met yet). The babies are adorable.

Lauren and Dillon were happy to explore my brothers house and stretch their legs after our long day of flying.

My brother's neighborhood has a great park and we took the kids to play one day. Looking at these pictures - you would have thought I was torturing them.

As I have mentioned previously, Lauren loves babies. One of her favorite things about staying at my brother's was that her baby cousin was there too. When we let her hold him, she didn't want to give him up!

Four cousins on a couch.

Uncle (my brother) was on hand to make sure that Lauren didn't drop the baby.

Can you see Grandpa in the back ground playing barbies?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wheeler Reunion 2008

The kids and I went to the Wheeler Reunion this summer in Wallowa Country, Oregon. It was beautiful! The reunion this year was in memory of my Mom and it was so good to be there with her brothers and sisters and to remember her and honor her. Of course it was a little sad too because we obviously would have loved to have her there with us. I am sure she was there in spirit. We rode up with my Dad and went a day early to help get the campsite ready. Despite forgetting some key items (flashlight anyone?) we made it work. Dillon and Lauren love camping and getting dirty :-) The little cousins had a blast playing together. And now on to the pictures!

Much of the time when we are traveling blankies are always close at hand. And it hard to see in the pic how full the back of the van was.

Here is our tent:

The rest of our family's tents:

The campsite across from us:

There were tons of pretty wildflowers all over:

One of the days we drove into the town of Joseph and enjoyed wading in the lake and having ice cream. Once again - the ever present blankie.

This is the usual look we get from our dramatic (re: emotional!) little angel:

Lauren has her two blankies and Dillon has blankie and "baby" (a stuffed rabbit that was in my Mom's toy box for grandkids. He latched onto it and when we were packing up the house we claimed it. He loves baby and sleeps with him every night along with a truck or two) :

Three of my sisters babies up there, a newborn and two 3 month olds. It was lots of fun. Hard to tell but there are two babies in there:

Lauren loved the babies and would often spend time like this:

Our family is growing! There are 12 grandkids now! Here are a few of them:

Included in 12 grandkids are four 2 year olds!

If you feed Lauren she will be your friend for life. Two of Aunts received this particular distinction. After enjoying some strawberries:

The last morning, looking a little worse for wear:

Once we were packed up and headed out, it took Dillon 5 minutes to fall asleep. Look how filthy his feet are!

Lauren took about 10 minutes. They were exhausted from the time change, staying up late, missing naps and playing with their cousins.

We are already looking forward to next year!