Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Kid Update

My kids are growing so fast! They are learning new stuff all the time. Whopper Jr. is adding a few more words to her vocabulary, ball and baby, being the latest. She is still my big time cuddler and is most happy when I am holding her, she has her silky and is sucking her thumb. Whopper continues to have a fascination with trucks. Anything with 4 wheels is called a truck and he will walk around with a car in each hand. He also loves to go outside and asks me everyday if he can go. We are also now entering into the fighting stage. Whatever toy one has, the other decides they need it right now! I break up lots of tug-o-wars. If you have any advice for me on how to get them to share - I would love to hear it.


Mike & Sam Berry said...

What fun journey it is to watch our kids grow! It is laways so fun to see what new words they have and listen to them talk.

Tammy said...

Just wait til Lauren asks for a baby brother or sister...
I can't believe they are almost 2!
Isn't it funny to see how different boys are from girls. It's definitely special to see these two grow up along side one another.


Happy Birthday in a few days!!!!